Self-driving cars are expected to provide a number of potential benefits, such as reducing road deaths, but the technology is still in its infancy. Robert Braun argues that when thinking about autonomous cars we should not ask about autonomous technology, but rather about the car itself. He suggests that the development of autonomous mobility hands us the opportunity to rethink our overall mobility strategies.
A few weeks ago, a pedestrian was killed on the road while walking a crosswalk with a bicycle. This is not a problem, we usually report on: 1.3 million people die on the road every year. Approximately one person killed every 25 seconds. This tragedy was, however, historic: the victim was hit by an Uber running in autonomous mode. The deadly collision made headline news.
Experts argued that autonomous technology is not 'ready' yet. Advocacy groups called for a national moratorium on autonomous car testing. Regulators advocated more oversight of testing autonomous technology. Politicians warned against allowing autonomous vehicles to run on our streets.

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