Product description
We are wonder if you are worried that you can't find a suitable bracelet counter top display? Now there is a delicately designed bracelet retail counter top display that allows you to get rid of your worries. We are the manufacturer and wholesale supplier of the bracelet retail counter top display. There are a large number of high-quality bracelet retail counter top displays for you to choose from. These products which are produced in China, not only sold well in domestic, but also popular abroad. The display of the bracelet on the bracelet retail counter top display will give full play to the beauty of the bracelet. It will be a good assistant in increasing the sales of bracelets.

Q1: Can I only order one bracelet retail counter top display?
Sorry, you can't. We can make this display over 200 PCS.
Q2: How long will the sample take to make?
It takes 3 to 5 days to make the sample.
Q3: Does leather meet the standard?
Sure, we could offer SGS test report for leather.
Q4: Is the technology of flocking fine and beautiful?
Yes, our flocking process is skillful and delicate, and there is no flaw in visual inspection.
Enclosure: The patent of this product and the use of the patent are not owned by the company.Customized Jewelry And Watch Display